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Chad Wickliffe is a co-founder and CEO of Top Baller Athletics. Coach Chad oversees the entire operation of Top Baller Athletics and participates as a coach within the camps and clinics. Coach Chad developed Top Baller Athletics with the vision of developing a confident athlete that will be able to demonstrate dynamic athletic skills. He is a former Division I athlete and understands what it takes to be successful on and off the field. Coach Chad has participated in and coached various sports and recognized the need not only for a great fundamental approach but also a sound mental approach to sports. He brings an abundance of knowledge, discipline, and enthusiasm to athletics.


Julee Wickliffe is a co-founder and Managing Director of Top Baller Athletics. Coach Julee is a former Division I athlete, coach, and psychotherapist, who strives to develop the person as well as the athletic skills that each individual has. Being a psychotherapist, Coach Julee views the importance of being mentally strong as well as physically strong. This thought process permeates all aspects of Top Baller Athletics.



Through a holistic approach of discipline and developing self-esteem both Coach Chad and Coach Julee strive to develop a conscientious athlete that will have a “presence” on the playing field and throughout life.


Both Coach Chad and Coach Julee are certified by:

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y Clinic - Sports awareness for educating today’s youth

Virtus Training


Coach Chad is certified by:

USA Football


*Coaches for the clinics and camps are all Division 1 athletes.