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What is AAU?
The Amateur Athletic Union is a national organization dedicated to amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Amateur Athletic Union basketball is a very competitive, tournament-style program for girls and Boys, grades 3 through 11, who have the potential and desire for advanced basketball skills.

Who is Top Baller Athletics?
Top Baller Athletics was founded in 2016 by Chad Wickliffe, who wanted to give area kids the opportunity to develop their basketball skills through camps, clinics and  competing with and against some of the best amature players in their region.

How does my child become a Top Baller?
Potential Top Baller  players must register and tryout for the team. Registration begins January 1 The player fee is $700 plus cost of uniform (if needed).  Practice Jersey included in fee, travel cost not included. Tryouts will be held the end of January. 

The player fee must be paid once a player recieves confirmation that they make the team.

If a more flexible payment plan is needed, we are happy to work with you. Top Baller Athletics are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to play, regardless of a family's financial situation. Players needing a more flexible payment option should contact Top Baller Athletics @ 732 641 2194.

Each team is determined by the coaches' evaluation of every player's performance. No player is guaranteed a spot on any team, regardless of previous rosters or affiliations to ensure that all potential players are given the same chance to earn a spot on a team. Players are encouraged to attend all tryouts so that the coaches can evaluate them fairly.

How is the age group determined?
The AAU announced that as of the 2011 season the Age Determination Date rules have changed to a grade-based system. Teams are now determined by a player's grade in school.

What happens when tryouts conflict with other games?
Top Baller Athletics respect the commitments players have to their school and club basketball teams.  Aside from conflicts arising from those activities, players are expected to attend all the tryouts for their grade division.

What does my registration fee cover?
The fee covers tournaments, gym rentals, and equipment.

Are there additional fees beyond the registration fee?
Additional tournaments beyond the original five - eight will be deducted from the team's fund raising account.  The uniform fee is a onetime payment of $200.00 for new players.

When does AAU season begin and how long does it last?
The season begins in late March and runs through June. Teams that qualify for national tournaments can play through July. We also enter high school age teams in college showcase tournaments during the summer and fall. This allows girls to play winter (regular season) basketball with their high schools, neighborhood club or CYO teams.

What is involved in the commitment to a Top Baller Athletic  team?
There are at least two practices during the week from March through June. Teams will play in 5 - 8 tournaments (consisting of four games - two per day) on select weekends. A player has to be able to make the District Qualifying Tournament. One tournament may require an overnight stay. 90% of the tournaments are local.

It is expected that a player will make all the games and practices. There are always conflicts but absences disrupt the team and are unfair to the players, coaches and teammates. Communication with the coaches is crucial about these items.

What about communications?
This crucial aspect is covered on the team level by meeting with the coaches and Team Parents. The club communicates through the website, email, and Phone or Text.

What are the qualifications to be a Top Baller Athletics Coach?
The club looks for volunteers that can meet the demanding time commitment, have knowledge of the game from playing and/or coaching, and can organize and manage practices and games. Top Baller coaches strive to keep winning in perspective while handling varying levels of parental interest, creating a team atmosphere, and working to understand the important impact a coach can have on a young player. Different age levels clearly need coaches with different abilities and outlooks.

Our coaches are experienced, dedicated and accomplished individuals who volunteer their time to the Top Baller Athletics AAU. They include former college coaches and players, high school coaches, and other qualified individuals.

What is the Top Baller Athletics Policy on Refunds?

1.Girls & Boys not making a team will not be refunded their player tryout fee.
2.Girls & Boys who decline to play on the team they are assigned to will be eligible for a refund minus a $100 penalty which will be sent after the AAU season ends on 8/31/12.
3.Players who suffer season-ending injuries or medical conditions must present written documentation from a doctor at the time of the diagnosis to Top Baller Athletics stating that the player is unable to play. Such players will receive a pro-rata refund after 8/31/12 provided that said player does not participate in any other sport activity during that time period, i.e. school or club summer basketball leagues, soccer, softball, etc.
4.Players who quit the team once practices have begun or who have been removed from the team will not be eligible for any refund.


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