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The Chef is in the Kitchen and the KD looks like he likes the view from Oakland.  Earlier in the season there were some growing pains, who will step back who will take the lead, is there enough shots out there for this team???  It is clear they have found their chemistry and the ball continues to find the hot hand. The CAVS look like they are lost and they are just plain overmatched.  The begining of game 2 I like most was impressed with the effort that the CAVS put forth keeping it close with GS.  But then the rains came down and the floods came up and the CAVS did not have enough life preservers.  Lebron came out and tried to put the CAVS on his shoulders but even the best player on the planet could not stop the storm that was the Golden State Warriors.  I have been impressed with Kevin Love, he was starting to look like the Old Timberwolves KL, but where has Kyrie been?  One of the NBA's best at getting to the bucket and getting his own shot, he has been missing in action. Also where is JR where is Tristan???? Where is a better defensive game plan?   I am not one to say its over before it is over but If the Warriors who have yet to play their best game put it together in Cleveland....They will leave the Land with a Championship.  You think that Steph and the Warriors don't remember 3-1?  And they fact that they lost on their home court.  Let them all tell it, it is a different year, different team.  Yes this is all true but when you lose in historic fashion and get imbarassed like GS did last year.....revenge is dish best served cold and it's looking chilly in Cleveland!!