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While I took time to evaluate this major addition to the GS Warriors it clear that Steve Kerr has done a great job of managing this new BIG 4.  With the addition of Kevin Durant to a team that already broke the NBA record for regular season wins at 73, but came up short when it came to the finals it seems that this change has been very beneficial.  Steph has been more than happy to share the spotlight with KD and Klay as well as Draymond continue to believe that there is no "I" in TEAM.  The Golden State Warriors are #1 in the West and currently have a 43-8 record which place them 3.5 games ahead of a new look Spurs team.  The Offensive Juggernaut is clearly still hitting on all cylinders. On any given night Steph, KD or Klay can shoot the lights out and put pressure on any given defense.  The only issue that I see is that when KD leads the team in scoring the team has lost.  This is a very open and free flowing Offense that clearly benefits from having a 6-10 score from anywhere on the court player added into the mix, as long as Steph and Klay score more.  Defense is again somewhat optional due to the scoring punch of this team and that could prove to be its undoing, we will see.  All in all this team is once again positioned to make its way to Finals but will it come up short AGAIN? that is question.